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Employee Spotlight: Michael Johnson

November 30th, 2016 · No Comments

michael                Michael Johnson joined the ZBAG team in the maintenance department two years ago. His enthusiasm for his workplace is as strong as when he started. Although Michael is officially in maintenance, “anything and everything” is an accurate job description.

Michael put in an application at ZBAG because he knew a couple people who worked here, and he had heard it was a good place to work. He spends some time doing actual maintenance, and several other  tasks in various departments.

“It’s amazing what a guy can learn, working here,” Michael said. “I didn’t know anything about a manual transmission and didn’t know what a transfer case was, before I came here,” he added. “I do different things all the time.”

Michael spends time pulling parts as well as putting parts away when extra help is needed. He especially enjoys working with the bearings. He lends a hand in shipping, and at the end of every day, he closes down the wash bay. “That’s probably my favorite part of the job,” he remarked.

When not at work, Michael likes to be outdoors, especially hunting. “Hunting, that’s my life,” he said. Deer, squirrel, pheasants, whatever is in season is fair game. He and his family like to eat venison burgers and sausage. “My dad cooks squirrels and pheasants,” Michael commented. “I don’t know exactly what he does, but they taste amazing.” Campfires are also high on the list of favorite activities. Michael’s favorite season is fall, which he calls “sweatshirt weather.”

Although Michael doesn’t build transfer cases or differentials, he keeps the equipment running so the builders can do their work, and is a valued part of the support staff. And he’s figured out the most important task:  “making the boss happy, there you go!”

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