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Employee Spotlight: Darin Olson

March 22nd, 2017 · No Comments

                Meet Darin Olson, an energetic and enthusiastic member of the team in the Parts Department at ZBAG for nearly two years.

“We pull parts for orders that come from the sales staff and from builders,” Darin explained. He ships out products ranging from manual transmissions to rear differential kits. “We take ‘will-calls’ for people who are coming in to pick up parts. We do stock orders that consist of lots of parts that are sent out together.” These orders can include items like bearings, gaskets, gears, and kits for front and rear differentials and transfer cases. Darin takes phone calls from the office letting him know when someone is dropping off a unit to be repaired, picking up a unit, or dropping off a core.

Darin came to ZBAG from the construction industry, where he did roofing, framing, and windows. He has always worked on his own motorized equipment, such as snowmobiles, four-wheelers and dirt bikes. He hopes to get a truck someday, probably a Chevy, since they’re easy to work on. “I’ve always been a Dale Earnhardt fan,” he commented. “He was a Chevy guy.”

Away from work, Darin likes to be outdoors. He likes fishing area streams for trout, and enjoys hunting pheasants and deer.  “I just picked up bow hunting, and got rid of my guns,” he said.

Last year Darin and his family adopted a dog, Miley, from a family who was abandoning her. “She’s the most obedient dog I’ve ever seen,” he remarked. “She’ll be a good bird dog, I think, but I haven’t tried her out.”

While at work in the Parts Department, Darin will continue to do an excellent job of serving the customers’ needs, whether for a complete unit or parts for that particular rear differential or transfer case.

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